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David Holmgren

David Holmgren

David Holmgren (born 1955) is an Australian environmental designer, ecological educator and writer... More

Steve Cran

Steve Cran in Uganda

Steve Cran is a Permaculture Aid expert and community stabilisation specialist with 23 years of... More

Robyn Francis

Robyn and Mel

Robyn Francis international permaculture designer and educator since 1983, Robyn... More

Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison

Bruce Charles "Bill" Mollison (born 1928 in Stanley, Tasmania) is an Australian researcher, author... More

Shangri-La Eco Lodge

Shangri-La Eco Lodge
Shangri-La Eco Lodge

How can you run an Eco Resort and Leisure Farm design course if you don’t have an Eco Lodge? That... More

Erik Ohlsen

Erik Ohlsen

Erik is the Executive Director of the Permaculture Skills Center , a vocational training school... More

Green Warrior Field School

Permaculture Design Course Student Tools Uganda
green warrior field school kitchen

Permaculture Aid training begins with the 14 day Permaculture Design Certificate with master... More

Nicholas Roberts

Maker of this website More

Guy Stewart

Guy Stewart far right

Guy Stewart completed his Diploma of Permaculture at PCA. He’s employed as Nimbin... More

The Permaculture Research Institute Tagari Farm Tyalgum

Tagari Farm Design

The Permaculture Research Institute, Tagari Farm in Tyalgum, Australia was founded by Bill Mollison... More

Permaculture Podcasts

http://www.thepermaculturepodcast.com/ The permaculture podcast interviews permculturists of all... More

Scott Mann

Scottman is the host of the permaculture podcast . More

Permaculture Artisans

Permaculture Artisans

Permaculture Artisans is a full service ecological company that designs, builds and maintains... More

Max Lindegger

Melian Fertl

Melian Fertl

Melian Fertl joined the resident Djanbung team late 2012 after 9 years training... More

The Longo Maï Co-operatives

The Longo Maï Co-operatives are a network of agricultural co-operatives with an anti-capitalist... More

Permaculture Aid Certificate

Permaculture Aid Course Phillipines

Permaculture Aid training begins with the 14 day Permaculture Design Certificate with master... More

Watershed Management Group

https://watershedmg.org The Watershed Managment group is a nonprofit organization that promotes... More

Jonathan Bates

Jonathan has been learning, thinking and teaching ecologically for two decades. He’s co-designed... More

The Integral PermaCulture Institute


The Integral PermaCulture Institute serves to unite practitioners working on solving the world... More

PDC: Permaculture Design Course

PDC Permaculture College Australia

Immerse yourself in permaculture for a 2-week living, learning experience with PCA at Djanbung... More


Appropedia is a wiki site cateloging tehcniques of sustainability, appropriate technology and... More

Strictly Medicinals Seeds

Strickly Medicinals formerly known as Horizon Herbs is sells ethnobotnical seeds, plants, books... More

Permaculture Designers Manual

Permaculture Designers Certificate

Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally... More

PCA - Permaculture College Australia

Permaculture College Australia

Founded by permaculture pioneer, Robyn Francis, PCA is based at Djanbung Gardens in Northern NSW... More

Gaia Education

Gaia Education provides three programs; Ecovillage Design Education , E-learning , & project... More

Woodleaf Farm

Woodleaf Farm 1300 ft. Elevation in the Sierra Mountains… The farm produces nearly 200 varieties of... More

Andrew Phillips

Australian media manager, landscaper and permaculture teacher. Former general manager of Pacifica... More

Food Forest Farm

At Food Forest Farm we help people create low-maintenance, regenerative food systems. We grow,... More


Versaland provides consulting, workshops & specialized equpiment for farm scale permaculture... More

Instituto de la Naturaleza y la Sociedad de Oaxaca, A.C.

INSO , the institue of nature & society of Oaxaca is anonprofit organization that promotes... More

Practical Plant Database

Practical Plants is a collaboratively edited encyclopedia and database of information on plants... More